Underwood’s Employment Law Practice Group represents clients in every aspect of employment law, ranging from advice and counsel, drafting of contracts, policies, and handbooks, assisting with collective bargaining and other labor issues, and representing clients in any type of adversarial matter, including in agency investigations and hearings. 

Underwood attorneys pride themselves on staying completely up to date on every aspect of this quickly-evolving area of law, and we believe that educating our clients on best practices and important legal updates is an effective way to help employers navigate the legal minefield of employment law and proactively address any issues that could later lead to adversarial action.    For this reason, in addition to our advice and counsel services, we provide on-site training to supervisors, managers, administrators, human resources directors, and employees on a variety of employment law issues, such as ADA, FMLA, Title VII, and FLSA compliance, defending unemployment claims, and best practices in documentation. In addition, the firm hosts two regional full day employment law seminars to area businesses annually.

The firm offers retainer opportunities, which provide clients with predictable monthly or annual legal fees, reduced non-retainer rates, and quick access to multiple employment law attorneys with substantial expertise in every field of employment law.