Renewable Energy

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The Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles and large areas of West Texas have been at the forefront of the recent boom in new wind and solar energy development. The best wind resources in the United States are known as the “wind corridor,” which begins in the Texas Panhandle and runs north to the Canadian border.

The Public Utility Commission of Texas’ Competitive Renewable Energy Zones (CREZ) Project resulted in the construction of the CREZ transmission lines to carry electricity from the Texas Panhandle to the more densely populated areas in Texas. In addition, the Southwest Power Pool continues its efforts to expand transmission facilities to further develop the excellent renewable resources in the region.

With its roots in Amarillo and Lubbock, and now a major presence in Fort Worth, Underwood has been an industry leader in renewable energy resources in the Texas Panhandle and West Texas since 2005. This has grown to direct involvement in the developing, financing, and acquisition of major wind energy projects in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, and Colorado.

Underwood has the industry knowledge and experience to help landowners, school districts, hospital districts, counties, and developers navigate wind and solar opportunities.