Municipalities and Special Taxing Districts

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Municipalities and other local governmental bodies are challenged daily in an array of matters requiring experienced counsel. The issues on which cities and other entities should seek counsel can include:

  • Open Meetings Act compliance
  • Freedom of Information requests
  • Elections
  • Public finance (e.g., bond issues)
  • Procurement and public bidding procedures
  • Labor and employment / Civil Service / personnel issues
  • Police procedures
  • Municipal Court
  • Defense of public officials / civil rights claims

This is but a partial list, and addressing these issues is not exclusive to cities. Economic development entities and other special taxing entities, school systems, and community colleges regularly confront these matters and many more. 

Underwood’s municipal law, public education, and public finance groups represent several cities, school districts, and other governmental bodies. With the recent addition of a well-respected former city attorney of one of Texas’ major cities, we are all the more equipped to assist cities, large and small.

Economic development entities also present unique issues. In addition to compliance with many of the same requirements of cities and school systems, these entities must effectively work with local governments to implement development and incentive agreements and work through tax abatements and similar initiatives. As our Economic Development information reflects, numerous Underwood lawyers are so equipped, and they can work hand in hand with our municipal team to provide ongoing and cost-effective assistance to virtually any local government.