Public Finance

Underwood’s Public Finance Section is made up of Colby Nichols, Gerald Bybee, Mitchell Moses and Alan Rhodes. The firm provides bond, disclosure and underwriter’s counsel services for cities, schools, community colleges, counties, and hospital districts. Underwood has served on issues throughout the State of Texas worth billions of dollars. Underwood’s Public Finance practice encompasses various types of public and private financing, including general obligation bonds, revenue bonds, certificates of obligation, QSCBs, TWDB bonds, lease-purchase agreements and refundings. We pride ourselves on producing innovative and efficient financial solutions for clients.

Underwood as a firm, and Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Bybee, individually, are listed in the Bond Buyer’s Red Book of nationally recognized bond counsel. Mr. Nichols is a member of the National Association of Bond Lawyers. Other lawyers in Underwood’s Public Education Section, including Fred Stormer, also spend significant time assisting with bond issues.