Personal Injury Litigation

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With a broad scope of civil trial experience, Underwood lawyers bring unique perspectives to personal injury litigation on both sides of the docket. Among Underwood’s clients are individuals who, due to the negligent acts of others, have suffered catastrophic injuries that have dramatically altered their lives and permanently disrupted their family relations and work-life expectancies. The Firm also has been routinely hired to represent companies and individuals who have been sued in personal injury cases.

As counsel for plaintiffs, Underwood lawyers have handled death and severe injury lawsuits, including cases involving traumatic brain injuries, cervical, thoracic and lumbosacral spinal injuries, quadriplegia, paraplegia, and mental and emotional injuries. Parents who have lost children and children who have lost a parent have hired the Underwood firm to serve as their advocate. Underwood has a broad range of experience in representing clients with regard to trucking, industrial, and premises accidents.

The Firm has defended an even broader scope of personal injury claims for local, regional and national companies as well as governmental entities including school districts, hospital districts and municipalities. Underwood is approved as panel counsel for a number of insurance carriers for cases ranging from automobile accidents to products liability. Underwood lawyers have decades of experience in defending medical negligence cases on behalf of health care providers including hospitals and long term care facilities. Underwood attorney’s also possess an unsurpassed skill set for defending nonsubscribers (employers who do not subscribe to statutory workers’ compensation insurance) in personal injury—a practice they have honed for over 30 years.

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Personal Injury Litigation

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