The Family Practice Group strives to provide our clients with comprehensive legal representation and takes seriously our commitment to developing a high level of trust and confidence with our clients. The Underwood Family Law Center has operated as a practice group since 1994 and remains one of the few such practice groups in the state. We handle family law cases in all counties of the Texas Panhandle.

Our philosophy is to resolve cases by negotiated settlement or mediation when possible, since negotiated or mediated settlement agreements give our clients greater control over results. Chris Wrampelmeier is one of the founding members of the Panhandle Collaborative Law Professionals, an organization of West Texas family law practitioners. Collaborative Law is a unique process used to resolve disputes in which both parties retain separate lawyers and joint experts whose only job is to help the parties settle their disputes.

Chris Wrampelmeier is also trained as a mediator and is frequently hired to mediate family law cases. He attended the 40-hour mediation training at the University of Texas School of Law’s Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution.

Because of their experience and expertise, our Family Law attorneys are especially adept at efficient and reasonable resolution of family law matters, including through collaborative law. However, our attorneys also try cases to judges and juries when settlement efforts fail.