Underwood Law Firm Opens Austin Location

Underwood Law Firm has opened its fifth location in Austin, Texas with founding members Colby Nichols and Andrew Tatgenhorst.

“With an additional office opening in Austin, Underwood is excited to introduce the newest members of our firm, Colby and Andrew,” said Underwood shareholder David Backus, “By expanding our reach into the Austin area we will continue to serve our education clients just as we have done for more than 40 years.”  

Colby Nichols represents education law clients in a variety of areas including, but not limited to: elections, real estate, purchasing, construction, student issues, and employment. As a registered lobbyist, Colby also focuses on the representation of various education related clients during the legislative process. His passion for advocacy for public school children and the political network he has established enables him to successfully navigate the legislative process on behalf of clients.

Andrew Tatgenhorst focuses his practice on the representation of school districts and other education entities, in all aspects of education law with emphasis on special education and disability law. Prior to representing school districts, Tatgenhorst was a legal editor with LRP publications; the leading national resource for special education conferences, trainings, and publications.   



The Underwood Law Firm has been providing legal services to the people of Texas since 1912. Its Texas offices are in Fort Worth, Amarillo, Austin, Lubbock, and Pampa. More information can be found at www.uwlaw.com.

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