Shareholder Tom Morris Honored Upon 50th Anniversary of Supreme Court Decision

The Underwood Law Firm recently honored Mr. Tom Morris on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Graham v Deere.  Mr. Morris argued the case on behalf of John Deere Co. before the Court on October 14, 1965 and the Court handed down its decision on February 21, 1966.  The decision helped define the concept of obviousness and has been cited over 36,000 times in subsequent cases, briefs and memos.  Mr. Morris was honored at a luncheon hosted by Underwood.  Michael W. Mihm with Deere & Company’s Global Intellectual Property Services sent greetings and congratulations on the special anniversary of Mr. Morris’ achievement via a letter and gift.  A link to the recording of the oral argument in the case can be found at