Successful Seminar for City Officials

Recently, the Firm’s Municipal Law Section conducted its annual seminar in both Amarillo and Lubbock.  A wide variety of city officials attended: mayors, council members, city managers, city secretaries, police chiefs, public works directors, and others.

In all, there were 67 participants from several dozen towns. Thanks to all those that attended.

Team members, Slater Elza, Bryan Guymon and, Matt Wade addressed a variety of current issues: open/concealed firearms at city hall; First Amendment impacts; open meetings and open records; zoning; annexation; personnel issues; and municipal court. Also, partner John Atkins spoke on economic development for cities. At your convenience, any member of the Underwood team would be happy to discuss these topics with you in more detail.

We would also like to thank the events co-sponsor Franklin Legal Publishing. Kirk Franklin provided tips on good ordinance/resolution writing and the codification process.

During the break times, several cities approached our Municipal Law team members to request legal representation or legal training for their towns.


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