Slater Elza Elected as Board Member of Texas City Attorneys Association (TCAA)


At the Texas City Attorneys Association (TCAA) Fall Meeting on October 15, 2020, a new Board of Directors was elected by the TCAA membership, which consists of over 400 municipal attorneys. 

Underwood Shareholder Slater Elza was elected to a one-year term as TCAA Recorder. The Recorder of TCAA is a leadership position within the Board.  Slater will attend several TCAA board meetings per year, and along with the rest of the Board, set policy and procedures for the organization, among other duties.

The Texas City Attorneys Association was organized in 1928 as an affiliate to the Texas Municipal League to promote, encourage, and advance the professional development of municipal attorneys throughout the State of Texas. TCAA is an affiliate organization of the Texas Municipal League (TML), which represents some 98 percent of the Texas urban population through its over 1,100 member cities. TCAA currently has a membership of over 400 attorneys and continues to meet the needs, concerns, and problems of its members in a variety of ways, providing, among other services, continuing legal education, the ListTCAA Listserv, a monthly newsletter, municipal certification, awards for outstanding municipal lawyers, and much more.

Congrats Slater!

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