Rhodes – There’s Nothing More Permanent than Temporary


It’s a privilege to serve as a director of Eastern European Missions (EEM). EEM prides itself in distributing 1,000,000 Bibles each year in the former Soviet Union and other areas in which European citizens are living or migrating.

My wife Robyn and I joined Monty and Tamaria Tuttle in a EEM trip to Ukraine in May 2019. We arrived in Odesa, Ukraine on May 28 and were met by a valued EEM employee. After two days in the Odesa area we attended a church-building conference on the north side of the Black Sea. The conference concluded on Sunday, June 1 and the EEM team was driving the Rhodeses and Tuttles back to Hotel Duke, in Odesa. 

Along the way we were taking pictures of wheat fields, barley fields, and public transit. As we entered Odesa we began to ask the EEM employees about the ten or twelve story apartment buildings. The EEM employees confirmed that the apartments in the buildings contained very small kitchens. The apartments were constructed in that manner because of the government’s promise that citizens would be rich, eat in restaurants every night, and they would not need an apartment kitchen. Citizens had been told they’d soon live in mansions and that apartment occupancy was temporary, but the apartment buildings appeared fully occupied.

As the EEM employees lamented the promises they’d heard in their lifetime they said, “There’s nothing more permanent than temporary.”  Yes, citizens continue to occupy the temporary apartments. 

Please be sure to exercise some care and caution when you receive a “temporary” promise or assignment.


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