Rhodes – Plaque ’em and Whack ’em

It is a privilege to serve on the Board of Directors of Eastern European Missions with Bob Walker. At a minimum Bob is a living legend at Texas A&M University. A building on the campus will soon be named after Bob in August 2019.

Service on the Eastern European Missions Board with Bob is the second chapter of the Rhodes’ journey with the Walker family. When Bob’s son, Sid Walker, worked for Texas Tech’s Law School and subsequently with the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, we were involved with fund-raising and support for each of those entities.

Most recently Bob and Sid were consulting with the Lubbock Christian University Board of Trustees. During the May 2019 presentation Bob talked about non-profit trustees who may be past their best service to a non-profit organization. When asked how that situation should be handled Bob said that Sid’s approach was to “plaque ‘em and whack ‘em”.  I guess I understand that to mean that the non-profit should recognize the volunteer’s noble service and then create an opportunity for the volunteer to find another area of service.

For me, this raises the question of whether I’m doing my part for the non-profits with which I am associated.  I think so.  I hope so.


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