Rhodes – Live Like Someone Left the Gate Open


When I began this series of postings, I wrote that I’d post comments made by smart folks. In this instance, I’ll write about the phrase on Ron Rivett’s cap at the My Place convention.

Ron Rivett is one of the most amazing businessmen with whom I’ve had the opportunity to interact. I remain amazed by Ron’s Super 8 Hotels journey. I am an excited participant as Ron mentors our teams on the My Place Hotels development.

The third My Place convention was held at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego April 24-27, 2019. During a part of the convention Ron wore a cap with the following statement: “Live like someone left the gate open.” Following the convention I e-mailed Ron about the saying and Ron shared a cap with me.

  “Live like someone left the gate open” might have a number of interpretations. I think the first interpretation that comes to mind for me is to remain open minded. As I’ve had the opportunity to learn about the My Place vision and to visit the Rivett family offices in Aberdeen, the Rivett family’s Alaska fishing business, and the South Dakota game refuge and farm, Ron models that one should be open minded about business possibilities and opportunities. Hopefully our team as the Texas franchisee of My Place Hotels will remain open minded as we consider various possibilities.

 A Google search of “live like someone left the gate open” finds a couple of commenters who talk about a dog’s freedom and excitement when not hemmed in by a gate. I think “live like someone left the gate open” refers to freedom to take on new challenges with energy and excitement. 

 Turning from the positive to possibly negative, a closed gate frequently sends a message to others that they aren’t welcome. I guess that communicating that the gate’s open deserves some attention.

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