Return to Work Guidelines: COVID:19


As the State of Texas enters into its first phase of reopening, the attorneys at Underwood Law Firm are here to assist clients with developing guidelines, policies, and procedures for returning their employees to work.  Navigating the law while protecting your employees, clients, and customers will be a challenge.

The implementation of policies concerning employee leaves of absence, health and safety requirements for the workplace, paid emergency sick leave or FMLA, travel restrictions, medical testing and questionnaires, and accommodations for individuals with disabilities or for high-risk individuals will be crucial for a smooth transition as businesses resume operations. We can also assist with answering questions in gray areas of the law, such as best practices for dealing with employees who are simply reluctant to return to work, juggling work-from-home accommodation requests, and handling positive or suspected cases of COVID-19 in the workplace. 

For assistance with Return-to-Work issues in your workplace, please contact one of our employment law specialists: Autum Flores (, Kelly Utsinger (, or Ann Manning ( 

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