Renewable Energy Here to Stay?

Man installing renewable energy photovoltaic solar panels on roof

 Did you know that Texas is leading the nation in renewable energy? According to Scientific American, Texas got 18% of its energy from wind and solar in 2017.  This is the state where big oil rules supreme.  Even better, the cost of energy is lower in Texas than the national average.  

Due to the climate and wide open spaces, solar and wind power are not only viable but a potentially thriving market for energy production.  With those wide, windswept plains just ripe for the construction of new wind farms, and an average of 230 days of sunshine across the state, solar energy collection will take an even greater foothold across the state. Wind power is currently more cost-effective, however as technology improves on solar power, you can expect even more of your electricity to come from the sun.  That’s not just out in the country either!  With the improvement of solar cells and the miniaturization of solar panel arrays, your home can be its own solar farm, collecting energy from the sun and converting it into affordable, plentiful energy for you and your family.

But let’s take a step back for a moment. Currently, Texas enjoys a lot of privileges that other states do not.  Particularly states which feel it is their obligation to do the thinking for their population, rather than secure their liberties.  For example, in some cities and municipalities across the country, the local government has decided that the energy you harvest on your own property doesn’t belong to you at all. They believe that electricity should be regulated and contributed to the main electrical grid, regardless of the cost it took for you to install these devices on your land and how it might be your desire to remove yourself from the grid and the control of the utility oligarchy.  

Certainly, standards of safety, construction, and even local ordinances need to be observed to make sure that your clean and renewable energy isn’t doing any harm to the environment or anyone else.  But when it comes to local and state government making a profit off your efforts, that is when you might find yourself needing protection under the law.  

Consulting an attorney in order to protect your rights is sometimes a necessary measure to take.  Nobody wants to spend a lot of time or money in court, but then again, no one wants to surrender their rights to life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness either.  And since when was doing the right thing to help the planet a crime?  Not to mention having the choice Americans should be given as to the source of their resources.  Our country was founded on self-sufficiency and independence.  Becoming reliant on a power grid that not only changes its rates based on a whim should be outlawed.  But what about infrastructure failures or shortages that affect your ability to keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter?  You are at the mercy of a faceless corporation when you could just be counting on your own private solar power.  And what about doing what is right for the planet?  If you object to fossil fuels or non-renewable resources for your energy needs, you don’t get to choose where that electricity is sourced from.  Having your own means secures your right to choose and therefore you can rest well, knowing that you aren’t contributing to pollution or irresponsible use of resources.

If you feel like you are in need of an attorney to protect your rights, as well as have concerns about renewable energy, contact us.  As renewable energy is still in its infancy, you want to be sure it remains a viable, privately accessed resource for years to come.

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