Multigenerational Impact of Solar Leases: A Word of Caution


In light of the increasing popularity of renewable energy across the country, it is no surprise that solar energy development is quickly gaining traction in Texas. Many Texas landowners are being approached by developers who seek to lease their land for the development of solar energy facilities. While solar leases can be very profitable for landowners, it is important to understand that solar leases are often very long in duration, which means that such leases will typically impact generations of landowners.

Solar energy developers typically provide prospective landlords with a written lease agreement that focuses on the protection of the developer’s interests, but that leaves the landowner with little to no protection of his or her own interests. Landowners should be very careful in signing any “form” lease provided to them by a prospective developer without first having an attorney who is familiar with solar leases review the document, as a landowner that signs such a “form” lease may be leaving a significant amount of money on the table and could be forfeiting many desirable provisions that would otherwise serve to protect the landowner’s interests.

We encourage landowners to make sure that any solar lease that they sign will protect their interests and the interests of their families for generations to come. Underwood’s renewable energy attorneys are well versed in the protection of landowner interests in the context of solar leases. If you have been presented with an opportunity to lease your land for solar energy development, feel free to contact one of our renewable energy attorneys to schedule a consultation.

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