Chris Wrampelmeier Awarded Dan Price Award for Practice of Family Law


The Family Law Section of the State Bar of Texas gave its Dan Price Award to Christopher K. Wrampelmeier of the Underwood Law Firm’s Amarillo office on August 12, 2019 at the Advanced Family Law Course in San Antonio. The Dan Price Award is an award given to a person who has had a significant impact on the Section for the past year. While an annual award, it is not given every year. The Dan Price Award is given in memory of Dan Price, who practiced law in Austin, Texas, and who passed away in January 1994. Dan Price dedicated himself to the State Bar and particularly improved the practice of family law. As noted by the Texas Bar Foundation, Dan Price was “an outstanding lawyer who devoted himself completely to any task he undertook.”

In his presentation of the award, Warren Cole of Houston cited Mr. Wrampelmeier’s dedication to the work of the Family Law Section and the practice of family law not just over the last year. Mr. Cole stated that when asked to undertake a project for the Family Law Section, Mr. Wrampelmeier always accepts. Mr. Cole described how in addition to Mr. Wrampelmeier’s long-standing service on the Family Law Practice Manual and Legislative Committees, Mr. Wrampelmeier created and organized the process to review bills during legislative sessions, coordinating a team of volunteers all over the state to provide Texas Family Law Foundation lobbyists, and, through them, legislators, with timely, thorough information about proposed legislation. In the 2019 legislative session, that process expanded to include Mr. Wrampelmeier personally screening every bill introduced in the Legislature for its potential impact on the practice of family law, family law attorneys, and the clients family law attorneys serve before Mr. Wrampelmeier assigned the relevant bills to the volunteers of the bill review committee. That process was instrumental in advancing the practice of family law during the recent legislative session.

Mr. Wrampelmeier states, “The previous recipients of the Dan Price Award are my heroes and mentors. I am truly honored to be in their company. It has been my great joy and privilege to work with so many family law attorneys and paralegals who selflessly devote themselves to making our practice and each other better.”


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