Jennie Knapp

Jennie’s clients are businesses and individuals who find themselves in a dispute or potential dispute, whether it be with an employee, contractor, client, relative, or business partner.  Jennie sees her role as assisting in solving problems. Sometimes that means providing advice on avoiding an issue; other times it means hard-hitting litigation.  In shaping legal arguments, she works to tell a client’s story in a creative way to help a judge or jury best understand and present complicated “legalese” more simply.  Whatever the situation, Jennie looks for the best resolution for the client so that they can focus on what matters to them – living good lives and keeping their businesses running and profitable. 

Jennie Knapp is a proud fourth generation Amarilloan, where she has learned the benefits of hard work, honesty, and loyalty, values that she extends to her practice. She and her husband, Nick, are proud to raise their son in the Texas Panhandle.